Whiskey While We Work is a fun-filled blog for creative party hosts and at-home mixology enthusiasts. We post festive cocktails, shareable foods, and affordable DIYs for celebrating at home. It’s run by two fun ladies who try to explore the world one creative project at a time.


The party is where you are.

Georgia Lorrison, The Bad and the Beautiful

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Or TY (like Tea) for short! I am an eclectic form of creative with schooling in the Business World; Economics and Finance to be exact. I love to eat (one of the reasons why KK and I get along so well), create cute things, and Do Things Myself (DTM). If I think I can make something myself, I will- and I’ll show you how too! There is so much more you can do outside of your 9 to 5 that inspires your soul.


You can call me, KK (rhymes with Yay! Yay!). I am a highly caffeinated designer and photographer from the Pacific Northwest. I love healthy productivity and personality tests (ENTJ, Enneagram 8, Self- Projected Projector, Virgo Sun/Gemini Moon/Scorpio Rising).  I also like throwing fun, themed parties and watching horror movies. There is a lot more to explore beyond that 9 to 5 job. We’ll show you how much we love the weekend on our Instagram and our blog posts 


It’s tricky making friends at work, let alone forge a friendship with the girl that replaces you! TY was leaving her position at a local bridal boutique and KK was the gal hired to replace her. On an impossible day, the boutique was short-staffed and TY was asked to sub in with KK. This resulted in a quick and wonderful friendship between this blog’s co-founders. Now you can see what we have been up to since we both no longer work at that bridal shop but instead as daytime corporate ladder climbers and all-of-the-time food addicted, creatives.



When we say that Happy Hour should be every hour, we mean that we believe in creating a healthy (ish ?) life you love and making the world a happier and more beautiful place to be.