DIY Shot Skis and Our Fave Vodkas to Gift | 12 Days of Drinkmas

We are hitting the slopes with this post today!

The inaugural 2021 Drinkmas post is a DIY technically and not a cocktail, but it’s winter-themed drinking, and this is an excellent gift for both the friends who like to do winter sports and the friends who want to drink unexpectedly.   

What are Shot Skis? 

They are a retrofitted set of skis that allow you to drink shots simultaneously with friends. There are multiple shot glasses attached to the ski, and you have to time and position your drink accordingly. You can drink it like a toast at a celebration (we’ve seen them used by a bride and groom at a wedding), or you can make it a relay competition with each team on one ski, seeing who can drink the fastest. Either way, it’s a bit of aprés ski mischief meant to be enjoyed responsibly! 

Why are these such great gifts? 

Shot Skis are customizable and unique because you usually use previously loved skis. You could DIY a flatter wooden board style and put names or other custom designs on it and really make it your own. I would also suggest pairing the right kind of skis with the right type of glassware to make it an elevated experience like these skis on REI here

How much did this DIY cost? 

We already owned a drill and bit set and superglue, so our grand total was $49.35, and the most expensive thing was the vodka. We sourced our shot glasses and skis from Goodwill, so keep an eye out for any other supplies you might need. You might even be able to find a drill there! 

  • Shot Glasses – $.99
  • Skis – $12.49
  • Magnets – $4.97
  • Washers – $.90
  • Vodka – $30

Pricing may vary depending on location and taxes and the stock of your current DIY tools and supplies! 

Do you have other vodka recommendations?

We thought the gift needed a bottle of something, so we opted for the local Timberline Vodka here in Portland. But it doesn’t have to be vodka. Still, we have some vodka recommendations for you anyway because, in my opinion, it’s versatile alcohol that is usually pretty easy to take shots with! 

Wild Roots Vodka: Also another spirit local to the Pacific Northwest. It comes in various flavors and would make the shot ski experience a bit more interesting!   

Haku Vodka: A Japanese vodka made from rice with a nice mellow, floral finish. 

Comb Vodka: Made from Honey from Florida and distilled in the New York Hudson Valley area, it’s a floral vodka with a warm finish. 

Ocean Organic: Repping from Tiana’s home state of Hawaii is an organic vodka in a gorgeous, gift-able bottle. This vodka is made from sugarcane and mineral-rich water!  

How to make a set of Shot Skis! 


  • 6 round magnets, approximately 1/4 inch in diameter
  • 1 hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (or superglue)
  • 1 retired set of skis (I got these child-size skis from Goodwill)
  • 6 shot glasses (3 to each ski, but this is up to you)
  • electric drill with a circular bit (1/2 in. or regular bit that is closest to magnet size)
  • 6 ½ inch in diameter washers
  • measuring tape
  • permanent marker
  • rubber mallet


The Shot Skis: 

  1. Heat your glue gun if you are using one. 
  2. Remove any bindings or unwanted bits on your skis. I reattached the screws that held in the bindings so that I didn’t have to refill the holes. Some people leave the bindings on but it might get in the way of drinking or holding the ski properly.
  3. Measure out each ski in three equal parts and put Xs or a dot in the center of each part. “X” marks the spot where you’ll drill insets for the magnets.
  4. Using the circular saw or drill bit and applying even pressure, drill down into the top of the ski to the height of one magnet (so the magnet will sit flush with the top of the ski when set inside). Do not drill all the way through the ski.
  5. Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of each drilled hole.
  6. Drop the magnets in the holes and press or use the rubber mallet to get it into the hole. 
  7. Let dry overnight.

The Shot Glasses:

  1. While the magnets are drying, grab six shot glasses, the glue or glue gun, and the six washers.
  2. Flip the shot glasses upside down. Place a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the glasses and press the washers down until set.
  3. Let the glue dry.
  4. Once dry, set each shot glass onto a magnet to assemble your shot ski.
  5. Invite your friends over to try out your new Shot Skis! 

Try this DIY, take a pic, and tag us on IG with your finished project! We’d love to see a set of shot skis under every (21+) Christmas tree this year!  

Cheers babe,