Painted glass carafe and water glasses on table with flowers

There are few things we gals at WWWW HQ love more than a good hack for some cute stuff. We’re all about cute stuff obvi! But bonus points if it’s economical as well! Stack’em up, stack’em up.

Speaking of cute things, no denying Anthropologie has the epitome of cute things. Not to mention one of my fave people Joanna Gaines has a line with them. Ugh, swoon. Any who we’re part of that millennial dilemma of a downturn economy, and student debt, and the overall shitshow our adult life has lived through to make a life. This means I ain’t buying anything from there soon. Cause, budgets ya’ll. Budgets don’t mean we can’t have cute things tho’ ? But if it fits your budget go get it here guurly!

You’ve seen the giant mirror Anthropologie hack swirling around the interwebs. Today I bring you the Anthropology Spring pitcher hack. Just in time for spring weather and brunches!! Or a useable mothers day gift ? maybe filled with some mom juice.


This hack came in at around $10 total. Originally $32 on the website. The pitcher was bought at Ikea for $4 and paint made for glass at Target, Walmart, or any craft store for $2 a bottle. I got primary colors and used them to make the other colors needed, so $6 total for paint. These paint enamels are made for glass and can be cured to make them washable safe. Be sure to read the instructions on how to cure the paint.


What You’ll Need:

  • Glass Pitcher
  • Enamel paint (links above)
  • Paint brushes

First, wash and clean your pitcher. Then pick your theme for images. This was fruit, vegetables, and Spring inspired. I used a thin brush for the small images and details needed. I painted the chosen icons multiple times sporadically on the pitcher. No rhyme or reason, just whatever you feel. You’ll need to do at least two coats of paint for each image. Pick your favorite fruits or flowers. Want to do all strawberries, do all strawberries! Want all lemons? Do all lemons. Whatever your pretty little heart desires. Maybe even the fruit of the juice you’re going to use, for a mimosa bar! I feel a follow up post coming up 😉


  • Cover your paint plate with saran wrap for easy clean-up!

  • Use contrasting colors to make your items pop- like blues with yellows.

  • Use a different pitcher like this, one with a handle. Or bottles like these– endless possibilities!

  • Have fun with it! It doesn’t need to be perfect, that’s part of the whimsy to it.

Tiana Yamamoto

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