DIY Monogram Flower Arrangement

Flower T monogram with S monogram on black background

Flowers, flowers, flowers! It’s springtime and that means flower time. We have officially declared this month flower month! This means we have all sorts of flower power fun coming at you. The first of the fun is a flower DIY, just in time for mother’s day!

Flowers are always a good idea when you want to make someone smile. I don’t care who you are, it’s a fact. It’s also a little more cost-effective than those expensive mailed bouquets if you are close to your recipient. Not quite as time-efficient but, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to these.


Personalized flower bouquets for the win! You could do an initial, or spell out mom or a whole name! Why the heck not?! Whatever you decided, (if you are making it for your mother) I know she will love it. Cause if she “loved” that coil pot you made for her in 1st grade she’ll love anything you make, am I right?! Lol 

Let’s get crafting because time is ticking and you last-minute procrastinators better get a move on.

Time: 1-1/2 – 2 hrs | Makes: 2+ letters | Difficulty: Medium

A unique DIY, perfect as a gift to someone special or for a special occasion. Like a birthday, or bridal shower or mothers day!


  • Wet foam
  • Wooden letters (or 3D cardboard letters)
  • Thin cardboard (cereal box)
  • Wood/paper super glue or hot glue gun
  • Foil
  • Flowers
  • Scissors / box cutter


There are two options for completing this DIY. Option 1) The way I did it and photo-documented. Option 2) The 3D way. I’ll go over option 1 in detail and keynote in option 2 directions accordingly. 

  1. Cut ½” thick strips of your cardboard. This will be your letters “walls”

  2. Glue your strips perpendicular to the edge of the letter flush to the bottom of the letters. *Make sure your letters are the right side up.

    1. If you bought a 3D cardboard letter you’ll be able to skip these steps.

    2. You’ll just have to cut one of the surface sides off. To create the same look made in the pictures.

  3. Once you have your letters “walls” you’ll need to line them with foil or saran wrap to protect your cardboard and wood from water. Make sure not to have any holes in your foil, so water doesn’t make your letters a soggy mess.

  4. Now to measure out your wet form to your letters. Start with measuring out the height of your letter walls. You’ll want to cut your foam block to match. Then like a cookie-cutter use your letter and press it into the foam. Remove excess foam. Repeat on remaining letters.

  5. Now to decorate with your flowers. *you’ll want to pick fairly small flower types, especially if your letters are small like mine. Sunflowers unfortunately just does not work. *you’ll want to also pick flowers with a fairly sturdy stem. You’ll be cutting them very short to be flush with the foam letter.

  6. Fill your letter with your bigger flowers first, then fill in spots with smaller flowers and fillers like buds or greenery or baby’s breath.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Don’t forget to wet your foam before starting your arrangement. Sprinkle/spray with water once completed.
  • You can also paint the outside of your letters so it has a cleaner look.
  • Letters that have curves or close lines together (think s, e, f) you’ll want to make sure the flowers are small enough to still see the empty spaces. My flowers for the S are a little too big in my opinion. 😉 see even I get it wrong sometimes haha. But it’s still pretty.
  • Now all you have to do is pair it with a nice gift 😉 I love making these (even though it takes a little time). It makes it a bit more personal and in my opinion just too darn cute.



It’s also a little more cost-effective than those flower arrangements you get premade at the store or florist or online! Each letter was about $2. The wet foam was $6 (which had a ton of leftover and can be used for your next flower DIY). A 3D letter from your local craft store like this one will set you back about $3 depending on size. For the cardboard I used an old cereal box. Hot glue gun, foil already had. Flowers, my secret tip Trader Joe’s. Has by far the best bang for the buck and usually a great selection. I got 4 different types of flowers with LOTS of leftover for a vase of flowers. Set me back about $15. If you’re only doing one letter the fewer flowers. All in all, looking at around $20-25 for my two letters and a vase full of flowers for myself.

Give it a whirl for your mom, or yourself, or any loved one! But mother’s day is this Sunday, for those of you that forgot. Don’t forget to call her, or see her and give her your awesome DIY monogram flower arrangement.

You can even tell her you came up with it yourself, I won’t get mad? Just comment below with your results or favorite flowers used!

Happy arranging,


Tiana Yamamoto

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