Homemade Hurricane Popcorn

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KK and I bond over food (amongst many other things) if you couldn’t tell. One of our favorite snacks is popcorn. When I used to go to the movie theater I had to always get popcorn, because let’s be real, movie theater popcorn is the best. That is, until you’ve gone to Hawaii and visited the popcorn stalls.

I have no idea where or why this popcorn trail mix idea came from, but it’s very popular back at home. You’ll find at least one kiosk or pushcart stand making these popcorn concoctions in every mall back in Hawaii. I remember going to them with my family, and my dad always getting a big bag of our favorite. They have different bag sizes, toppings like gummy bears, sour cream and onion, a local favorite; li-hing mui – a seasoned dried plum powder. The go-to combination however is what is known as Hurricane Popcorn.

What is Hurricane Popcorn, you ask?

It is buttered popcorn, with nori flakes (furikake), and kakimochi or arare or mochi crunch. What’s kakimochi? Kakimochi, arare, and mochi crunch are all the same thing just depending where you’re from in the islands and what you call it. It is a rice cracker that’s been flavored with shoyu (or soy sauce). It’s such a popular addition to popcorn in Hawaii that movie theaters sell packages of it at the concession stands.

What is Furikake?

The furikake gives the extra salt people normally add to popcorn and the kakimochi gives it the crunch. It’s really a perfect combination when you think about it. ? I know here in the states the furikake and kakimochi are a little harder to find. Most asian food stores carry it though, I even found the furikake here on the east coast at our local asian market. Some Safeway’s back in the PNW would also carry furikake. So fear not! You can make this at home without having to have Hawaii hookups to send you care packages ?.

Hurricane Popcorn

  • Servings: 4-6 cups
  • Difficulty: easy
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Hurricane Popcorn is a classic comfort snack of Hawaii and brings back memories of Tiana’s childhood! It’s a salty, buttery, carb filled popcorn mix. Enjoy on your next movie night or have some as an easy party snack!


  • 1/4 cup Popcorn kernels or the verrrrry butter-y microwaveable popcorn
  • Furikake Seasoning (to taste)
  • 1 bag (3 oz) Arare Rice Crackers
  • 1 stick of butter or to taste…we love butter.


  1. Pop your popcorn according to the instructions. We use a W&P silicon Poppper for making popcorn.

  2. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Melt your butter in a glass measuring cup.

  3. Pour your melted butter over the popcorn and mix. Pour your arare and furikake on top and mix slightly making sure that the arare is dispersed through out.

Tips & Tricks:

? If you are using microwave bagged popcorn; open up just a corner of the bag and immediately add the furikake and shake. The furikake sticks better to the kernels if the butter is still hot.

? Add your arare last so it stays at the top and doesn’t sink to the bottom.

Whenever I make popcorn this is the way I make it. It brings back childhood mall outing memories and I love it, because the 90s were the best. ? Give it a try and let us know what you think! Or share with us your favorite popcorn and in the comments below.

Happy snacking,



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