Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Brownie cake slices on a table with streamers and forks


Is it an ice cream sandwich or ice cream cake? I’ll let you decide. Either way, it’s belly-approved. This is one of those semi-homemade recipes that I like to do now and then. I love a dessert that doesn’t take a whole lot of time and anyone can do it. Queue semi-homemade things, because everyone loves homemade things, but no one needs to know you cut corners. ?

Baking always scares people, so I’ve been told- probably because it truly is a science and it’s a lot easier to F*!@k up. *pondering on that time I forgot to add sugar to my cake and doubled the salt instead. Let’s just say that cake went straight into the garbage. Baking is such a science that a lot of recipes have the ingredient measurement in weight. This is because it’s more exact form of measurement than just cups or tablespoons. With more exact measurements, different outcomes are limited and variables lessened. With that being said, if you are into baking I suggest getting a food scale. I love mine and it has been very helpful.

This is a semi-homemade recipe, what is that you ask? Well, it’s where some of the components are already made, and other components are homemade! I took it one step further by using box brownie mix instead of from-scratch brownies. Sue me. Scratch brownies aren’t that hard, but box brownies are sure as heck a lot easier. Let’s get to the recipe though so we can eat it.

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

  • Servings: 4-6 slices
  • Difficulty: Medium
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This is a simple semi-homemade dessert recipe that’s perfect for any celebration or just a regular Wednesday night.



  1. Follow instructions for brownie mix and bake.

  2. Cool brownie and cut in half horizontally.

  3. Allow ice cream to thaw and spread out an even layer

  4. Here you can add chocolate syrup or nuts or other toppings of your choosing

  5. Top off ice cream layer with other half of brownie.

  6. Freeze for at least 3 hours until ice cream is hardened.

Recipe Notes

  • I used a spring form pan so it would be easy to release. You could also use an 8×8 pan to get a little thicker brownie layers. OR you could cook a thin sheet of brownies and just cut into even squares to make true ice cream sandwiches.

  • Use an ice cream that already has mix-ins like I did. I love the flavor Moo-llenium crunch from Blue Bell. It has caramel chunks, chocolate chunks, nuts. EVERYTHING! It’s amazing.

  • Cook your brownies a little longer so it’s completely baked, I know some people like their brownies chewy but that makes for a hard time cutting in half. Trust me.

brownie ice cream cake on table with ombre plates, forks and streamers

Pretty simple dessert if I do say so myself. Box brownies for the win! Everyone loves a good boxed brownie mix. If you want to impress with less stress, I’m telling you make this. You can always add another layer of ice cream if you’d like to make it even more decadent.

Happy dessert-ing friends,


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