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What is summertime for, if not for s’mores and ice cream? Not only does the summer warm weather call for ice cream, but it is also for camping. What goes with camping? S’MORES. I love s’mores. I eat at least four in one sitting when making them. I love them so much, I learned how to make homemade marshmallows for a s’mores party I threw in high school. Yes, a s’mores party. So why not put these two iconic summer treats together in another iconic treat the blizzard!


See what I did there? ? Ha. I’ll be here eating s’more ice cream. I had to. Now the banana split blizzard is my favorite, but I thought why not switch it up a bit with a summer snack-inspired blizzard. Queue the S’mores blizzard! Super simple and easy to make, at half the cost of those things now (craziness). A mini blizzard will set you back $5 bucks! Any who, my economical self will make those for far less, and you can make them for your midnight snack ?.

S’more Blizzards

  • Servings: 1-2
  • Difficulty: easy
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You don’t need a fancy machine, just some thawed out ice cream, a large cup, and some arm muscle. Tada you got yourself makings for a great blizzard. There are some tips at the end of the recipe, check it out before getting the mixing guns out.


3 scoops vanilla ice cream

4 tbsp crushed graham crackers (about 2 full crackers)

2 tbsp chocolate chips or shavings

3 tbsp marshmallow fluff

Chocolate syrup *optional


Take out your ice cream to thaw out. Or scoop your ice cream into a cup to thaw out.

  1. Crush graham crackers into crumbs.
  2. Melt marshmallow fluff so it forms a nice ribbon when scooped up.
  3. Start to stir your ice cream, so it’s the consistency of a really thick chowder.
  4. Add remaining ingredients. Mixing well until evenly combined. (see below note*)
  5. Top off with additional graham cracker crumbs.
  6. Enjoy! *You can transfer to a new cup you have lined with chocolate syrup, or just eat it straight out of your mixing cup!

Tips & Tricks:

  • I like to use vanilla bean ice cream as opposed to French vanilla. The flavor blends more with other ingredients in my opinion. French vanilla is creamier because of its custard base, and I like it by itself or with a simple drizzle of chocolate syrup.

  • I also used regular-sized chocolate chips but I think mini chips or chocolate shavings would work better.

  • Melt your marshmallow fluff a little before mixing it in. Room temperature fluff will freeze when it hits the ice cream. Or if you don’t like to deal with the mess that is fluff, substitute for mini marshmallows!

  • Once you are done mixing you can transfer to a cup with chocolate walls. YUM!

I know there’s a s’mores day sometime in the summer that we missed, but every summer day is always a good s’mores day! Give it a try or let us know your favorite blizzard! I feel a blizzard bar party coming on … stay tuned my friends!

Don’t forget s’more-ther yourself with kindness!

Stay cool,


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